About Us

Loading, Unloading & Other Services

Team Services was started in 2007 as a shore tankerman. Provider to the inland marine transportation system along the Gulf Coast with a mission and vision to support the great companies that our founder had serviced for over 30 years. TS quickly expanded to provide facility services to docks, terminals, and to assist with all types of terminals and tank farm operations including truck and rail car loading/unloading, rail switching and tank farm operations. Our steady growth can be attributed to customer trust, Quality of our employees and our commitment to TS Mission to deliver Operating Excellence with commitment to Teamwork and Continuous Improvement and to TS Vision to be the premiere provider for the services that we offer.

2021 AEU Winner Packet

Core Values

Through employee feedback, the Company has adopted eight Core Values that we follow as we do our job and operate our business. They are: Integrity, Compliance, Professionalism, Evolve, Trust, Humility, Respect, Fulfillment.



To be recognized by industry as the premiere provider for the services that we offer.



We are committed to identifying the needs of our customers, exceeding their expectations, and executing Operating Excellence with a commitment to continuous improvement in true teamwork fashion.

Environmental, Health & Safety

We believe all incidents are preventable. We take a proactive approach to Environmental, Health, and Safety utilizing Safety Management Systems as the foundation for our business based on the guidelines defined by ANSI Z10-2012, MTMSA, or TMSA as dictated by the service we are providing. We maintain a full consensus and commitment to zero spills, incidents, or injuries and hold the expectation that this consensus and commitment is driven at all levels of the business.