Rail Services


Rail Services

Our rail services are focused on maximizing yard efficiency and minimizing movements to meet site production and local service schedule.

Our Capabilities

  • Tank-car Inspection, loading, and unloading
  • Railyard switching¬†
  • Railyard track inspection
  • Unit train departure inspection

 Industry Experts in Rail Management

Rail Projects

North Dakota Manifest Yard

  • Performed yard management to meet Class 1 railroad service time and facility loading schedule

North Dakota Unit Train Yard

  • Managed loop track switching
  • Inspection of yard
  • Unit train departure inspection
  • Bad order car management

South Alabama Rail Yard

  • Loaded and discharged liquid product

What Sets Us Apart

Highly Trained and Specialized

Personnel trained for site switching and Class 1 equipment, site SQMS requirements, and DOT regulations.

Services for Every Situation

Cross trained to perform railcar switching, loading and unloading, operate locomotives, and maintenance inspections to meet site utilization targets.

Strategic Approach, Exceptional Outcomes

Yard management to best utilize track space, minimize movements, and always be prepared for Class 1 drops and pickups.

How We
Seamlessly Integrate
Our Teams

We take a customized approach by integrating each customer's unique company culture, procedures and safety programs into one unified Team Services training program.


rail cars loaded
miles of rail cars serviced
barrels of oil transferred

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