Offshore Services


Offshore Services

Personnel for our offshore services are trained to excel in the safety culture, climate demands, and rigor of blue water operations.

Our Capabilities

  • Fulfill USCG requirements for product transfers¬†¬†
  • Bunkering and petroleum transfers
  • Filtration of wastewater and chemicals from water
  • Operators for hydrostatic testing of pipelines, gas cylinders, boilers, and fuel tanks
  • Operators for chemical and oil flushing

Full-Service Material Handling Experts

Offshore Services Projects

GOM Environmental Cleanup

  • Partnered with maritime construction contractor
  • Environmental cleanup recovery and support
  • Tankerman PIC - product transfer¬†
  • Water filtration operators

GOM Pipeline Decommissioning

  • Partnered with major oil company
  • Assisted with product recovery from damaged pipeline
  • Tankerman PIC - product transfer

What Sets Us Apart

Offshore Filtration Operations Experts

Team Services crews are adept in filtration of wastewater and chemicals from water, including hydrocarbons, solids, and toxic materials.

Let Us Handle It

Our tankermen are experts in bunkering and petroleum transfers.

Offshore Support Services

Our team will customize support services to meet your needs.

How We
Seamlessly Integrate
Our Teams

We take a customized approach by integrating each customer's unique company culture, procedures and safety programs into one unified Team Services training program.


gallons of oil recovered from our oceans
years of offshore operations

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