AEU 2019

Team Services, LLC Wins 2nd National AEU Safety Award

For the second time in four years, TEAM Services, LLC has been chosen to receive the AEU Safety Award for Marine Cargo Handling among over 1400 companies who participate in their USL&H program.  AEU is the program administrator for ALMA who underwrites the USL&H workers compensation program for TS.  Winchester Thurber, Managing Director for AEU personally called Jim Fletcher to advise him of the wonderful news.  Win explained how competitive the award process is with so many companies participating and that TS is one of only a very short list of companies who have won the award more than once.  TS was last selected for the same award in 2016. 

Jim Fletcher explained that this award is about the character of all TS employees and the culture of safety that they have created.  AEU will assist with TS employee celebrations in the coming months as we get past COVID, and with submission of press releases to industry trade publications and local newspapers in the numerous cities and states where we perform our work. 

Major kudos and congratulations to all TS Employees for a job well done and for all you do day in and day out to keep each other safe!

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